Stephen D. Wolthusen

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I am a computer scientist (well, applied mathematician - same thing, really) working in the area of information assurance and security. My principal research interests include infomation assurance and security, applied combinatorics and graph theory, network and distributed systems security, and models for critical infrastructure protection.

Contacting me

I'm monitoring most of my email addresses with equal frequency. Owing to the frequency of messages I may not be able to respond to your correspondence as quickly as is desirable; if delays become excessive please do not hesitate to re-send your message.
You can reach me electronically via stephen[ At ], or via swolthusen[
At ], swolthusen[ At ]
Work-related addresses are: stephen.wolthusen[
At ], stephen.wolthusen[
At ], and wolt[ At ]

My PGP key (current key ID DB0071C7) is available locally or from the MIT PGP Key Server.

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